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I define my cheeks as the hamster syndrome

0:38 that is the same picture but photoshoped...

watch from proxy tvos stream film jawline


Corsets change your shape because the pressure makes your ribs re-position themselves (never truly permanent though). Your jaw doesn't have that ability. Having said that, I loved your K-pop dance moves! o(〃^▽^〃)o.

I just looked up 'How to get a defined jaw' after looking at a picture a Colton Haynes and saw this video thumbnail😅😅😍. This was what I was looking for...


Sésar azpilicueta !

This video was uploaded on the day my grandma passed away this year 😭

played all my favorite songs Woooo!! Yes I can be manly like you with your plucked eyebrows and your bff bracelet YESSSSSS my lucky day guys



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