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[notebook] v.i.p.t.s this cinema crossed 100 crores in Telugu raguvaran btech V.I.P. - english - download I think the naked men where my favourite 1070 notebook killa was los:D:D kinderarbeit haha:D:D:D notebook 16gb its very good...! i am waiting. yaplog.jp/giyasumiji/archive/2 canno 5d That was not good what i have expected. too much violence with the girls . More than that sorry but let me say that Jong-suk does not fit in killer. Maybe he smile to terrifying others but it does not work. Bcos he uses this way too many times.



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Giorgo Osmani hahahaaha Genial xD

Hindi dubbed plz

V.I.P., movie. yesmovies

main back bones is kajol for this movie

kajol dhanush awesome chemistry.

nice trailer


voll geil und lustig,so wie vollgeschissener dickdarm :D

Trailer super, last part with beedi body could have been avoided, still looking forward to movie. .

Song: Ruelle - Game of survival ;)

Kalavaadiya Pozhuthugal


SPOILER: All the A-list Korean actors, but sadly wasted by a ridiculous screenplay. Americans were again played the role with no conscience and blind justice. South Koreans had kao-tau to the Americans, covered up the horrible serial killer from the North Korea. And North Koreans also got no conscience and turned a blind eye to the serial crimes as long as the guy's father was still in power. South Korean Police high ranking officers got no conscience either, so the real detective who did the right thing was wasted for nothing to gain. The whole movie is a much ado about nothing circle, just telling a ridiculous story, but there's one thing to learn from this film, especially to our men, you and me:

Never insult another guy's impotency publicly, if you do, you might pay a very high price later..



gab full movie plz

I love jongsuk but after watching this I literally boycotted all his other activities .I was that triggered over his character and how well he executed it. I felt sick Everytime I looked at him.. LOVE FROM KERALA [notebook]+v i s i t super 5d mk4


Watch. V.I.P.... movie? watch V.I.P.? no. sign, up kajol b ha is movie mein ?? WHERE CAN I SEE THE FULL MOVIE?! Alguien me puede decir donde la veo


Dhanush sir super feeling move deyre23m Alter leute zieht euch den Film rein der ist total bekloppt aber endgeil!!! Buddy mach weiter so!!!Ich lach mich immernoch kaputt bei seinen sprüchen!






  • 1000 / 1000